FAKRO Inspires for the Fifth Time

International Design Competition- FAKRO Inspires for the Fifth Time

Atelier of the Future – New Space for New Visions is the motto of the fifth edition of the competition for architects organized by FAKRO and A10 Magazine for European Architecture.




The competition task was to design visualisation of the functional space atelier of the future, that is a place where creative spirit encounters with a number of innovative solutions, thus providing conditions for realizing visions of artists. Projects submitted in the contest had to utilise three innovative FAKRO products. Architects from over 20 countries of the world faced with the competition task, i.e. from Australia, Iran, Greece, Germany, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Serbia, Portugal and many others. They created over 60 visionary projects of the loft that have been submitted for the evaluation of the international Jury consisting of: Indira van't Klooster – editor-in-chief of A10 magazine for architects, Ethel Baraona Pohl – critic and curator of architecture, Sabina Sujew – Master of Fine Arts, FAKRO export manager.


Jury was confronted with very difficult task as the level of submitted projects was very high. Winners have been chosen after intense deliberation:

Venus of Garage Venus of Garage Venus of Garage Venus of Garage

I place: Katarzyna Furgalińska and Michał Lisiński from Poland

projekt: Venus of Garage

The Florizel building The Florizel building The Florizel building The Florizel building

II place: Aristide Antonas-Antonakakis from Greece

project: The Florizel building


Light Box Light Box Light Box Light Box


III place: Fabio Damiani, Daniele Cremaschi, Marco Quistini, Silvia Pezzetti from Italy

project: Light Box



Oficina de Arquitectura

(Angelo Paez Calvo, Pedro Juan Jaramillo Carling, Lucas Jaramillo Pacheco, Jairo Hernan Ovalle Garay)

-  from Colombia


project: An Underground Atelier

An Underground Atelier

Anna Ślimak and Monika Gitner

- from Poland


project: ARTERIER

Florent Le Corre and Katharina Riedel

- from Germany


project: Inspirational Workspace Unit
Inspirational Workspace Unit

Krzysztof Stępień and Agnieszka Wyrwas

-  from Poland


project: SOLITUDE – a place that doesn't exist

a place that doesn't exist

Winners of the competition will receive: for the first place 5 000 EUR, for the second place 3 000 EUR and for the third place 2 000 EUR.

- When evaluating competition projects, the Jury took into consideration creativity of architects, taking care of details, message, lyricism as well as the social aspect. - says Sabina Sujew – We were strongly impressed by the projects and that is why the choice was so difficult. The last stage of the debate provoked the greatest discussion, and ultimately the most viable project won that can come into being in any place of the world where garages are. Projects we evaluated show that architects come out with standard architectural solutions and begin to pay strong attention to the social aspect.


FAKRO congratulates the winners and thanks all the participants for submitted projects. We encourage to continuous following FAKRO activities and participation in the next editions of the contest.


More information of Jury Report in soon



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